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Our Mission

JordanFire.Net is an educational non-profit organization, specialized in fire science and fire protection engineering technology.

Our Vision : Jordan & Arabs to have self dependency in fire science and fire protection engineering field. We are going to achieve our vision by our coherent mission:

Our mission is to improve the skills, knowledge levels and to enhance the opportunity of Jordanian and Arab engineers to be professional & specialized engineers in fire protection engineering. We offer invaluable services as free of charge, some of our free of charge services are:

  JordanFire.Net online website as an online encyclopedia.

  Brochures, lectures, cources, documents and hints in fire science and fire protection engineering.

  Direct & quick response to any engineering consultations.

  Guidelines in any constructions & projects.

To achieve out our mission, we are working in a planned parallel lines which has been mentioned above, we keep going on as the technology rapidly growing on.


Engineer Tamer A. Qeba'i